Random Thought - La Fin

1. In the end...
I'm grateful to have the opportunity working at Amy's Kitchen. People and environment are positive and supportive.
though cheese enchilada isn't my fave, it's one of the most popular selling products
It is rare these days to have a company that doesn't cut corner and cares about the quality of the foods. Strange right? How was that a minority? But even startups can struggle with good sourcing, and proper food safety. The marketing makes everything seems so glamorous, yet one cannot tell the inside till they get behind the scene. Amy's Kitchen turns out to be the same inside and out. :)

2. Ridiculous Housing Price
This skyrocket crazy high housing price in the bay area is not yet ending.
The article The Age of Cockroach mentioned the bubble will burst and the techies that survive will be like cockroaches instead of unicorns. Pretty extreme comparison and neither metaphor sounds attractive.
I hope when another crisis happens, they take down all those unnecessary luxurious dreams and fake promises. Oh, and the politicians. Hm, maybe the extremists? Maybe the big hedge fund companies?

Then again, that mega earthquake and the 3 month of rain might come first and some people might decide to move north. "Oregon, I choose you." Or go south, "Silicon Beach, I choose you."